Reasons To Use An Agent For Your Telecom Needs

“This is *******  how can I help you today? ‘Yes I would like internet for my business.’ Ok can I have your name, address and contact information please? Looks like you qualify for 150/20MB for $300, let me see if we can get that price down. Oh yes, if you sign up for the TV and phone package then your payment will only be $320 a month How soon do you need it? We can install it on Friday.”

Sound familiar? Most businesses are unaware of the benefits of using agents to find IT/telecom related services for them. When you contact a company direct like Comcast, Time Warner, Integra etc…etc… your only going to get information on what they sell, no matter if its needed or good for your company. The direct salesmen will not tell you of their competitors offers as they are there to only sell their services.


Telecom Agent making phone calls


Why Use A Telecom Agent To Grow Your Business

When you use an agent (s)he will get to know what your needs are first, then they will pull information on what’s available in your area from all carriers.  Eliminating what is not needed based on the needs of the client, presenting you with the best options for your company’s needs.

For businesses the best part of using an agent, is they do this for free, yes free!

Agents make commissions from the carriers of which they sell, not from the clients. this gives the client an advantage over using a direct salesmen by knowing what is out there and what is best for your business. So the next time your ready to make a change, add a service and/or start a new service talk to your agent, like Fastech Solutions as we are always happy to find the right solution for your needs as we can provide your business with:

For a more in depth look at why you should consider using agents follow this article that discusses the top 10 reasons companies use independent telecom agents.


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