My Computer Is Too SLOW!

Many times when people think that their computer is the problem for slow performance, it’s really not. In many cases, it is a problem with your internet connection or network speed causing pages to load slowly and longer buffering times for videos.

Network Speed

To verify what your download or upload speeds are, use a speed test tool such as the one from Ideally speeds should register at 50 percent of your internet providers speeds and ping under 100 milliseconds. If the speed is satisfactory, then make sure nothing is downloading or uploading without you knowing. Torrent programs may be running in the background located outside of the taskbar within a hidden tray. So be aware.

Network Hardware Can Cause Slow Internet Speed

Sometimes the hardware of the network is to blame. Updating a network card happens less frequently, but if a new driver is available by the manufacturer, then download it. Also, restarting your router or modem has the same effect. Just unplug the power cable for several minutes then plug it back in. If you leave it unplugged for much longer, then you may reset the device back to factory settings leaving the problem unresolved.

Programs like BitTorrent, or other similar programs, that devour bandwidth may be slowing down your computer. Installing an adblocker or other software to stop these programs may help with speed. It won’t likely be an enormous improvement, but it will help.

Optimizing Your Computer For Slower Internet Speed

If you need to use your computer immediately, optimizing your computer for a slower connection is essential. Fixing a slow computer can take time and using a HTML or mobile version of websites with the images disabled can speed up your experience. It is recommended that you set up an additional browser just for instances like these when you need fast speeds on a slow computer.

Weak Wi-Fi Signal

You may find that your internet and router are fine, but your Wi-Fi signal is weaker than it should be causing your network speed and computer to slow down. Repositioning the router may help along with several other tweaks and tricks to boost the signal.

If you need more help solving computer speed issues, please be sure to contact Fastech Solutions for more assistance.