Managed Cybersecurity Solutions For Portland & Vancouver

Protect your company’s data against cyberattacks and mitigate potential risk with our managed security services from Fastech Solutions. Your best choice for affordable, high-quality IT support throughout the United States with offices in Vancouver and Portland.

Proactive Cybersecurity Protection For Your Business
Customized Security Solutions For Your Unique Needs
Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning
24/7 Emergency Response
HIPAA, NIST, PCI/DSS, and Many Other Industry Compliance Standards

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Cybersecurity Solutions for Businesses That Need Peace Of Mind

Cyberattacks can have a devastating impact on businesses. Downtime can cost your business hundreds or thousands of dollars an hour in repair costs and missed productivity, while the loss of sensitive company or client data can be even more costly – often forcing a business to go out of business completely.

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The risk of a cyberattack has intensified in recent years, as small and midsized businesses become the favored target for cyber thugs. Though relatively undefended compared to large companies, many SMBs still possess valuable data that can be sold on the black market, which makes them a target of both professional and amateur hackers.

But that doesn’t mean it’s a hopeless situation— far from it. With the help of an experienced cybersecurity partner, like Fastech Solutions, even the smallest business can operate with confidence and peace of mind.

What Can Managed Cybersecurity Expertise Do for You?

Strong cybersecurity requires possessing a deep understanding of the threats that face your business, as well as the skills and tools to properly counter those threats. We’ve been providing these resources to businesses nationwide for over 10 years.

Our security team possesses up-to-the-minute cybersecurity intelligence about malware, phishing techniques, ransomware, and the latest attack vectors hackers are using to steal data. We translate that intelligence into vigilant cybersecurity defenses for our clients.

Comprehensive managed cybersecurity service allows you to focus on your core business – with confidence that our protections and safeguards put in place are optimized and ready to defend you.

Cybersecurity Starts With a Comprehensive Risk Assessment

There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all cybersecurity. Each company is vulnerable in unique ways, so each of our engagements begins with a thorough risk & vulnerability assessment. During this evaluation, our security engineers audit all your technology and business processes to locate and prioritize your cyber exposures.

This assessment gives us an overall picture of where you’re most unfortified.

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A Single Company For Both Security And Compliance

Companies in regulated industries like healthcare and finance must maintain control over their data to meet the latest compliance standards. For as long as we’ve been in business, we’ve been helping organizations implement custom compliance strategies. Some of the regulations we commonly work with include:


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