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Cloud Computing: Setup, Migration & Management of All Your Services

Cloud computing has been a hotly discussed topic for almost a decade. Despite its widespread use, many businesses still struggle to understand what exactly cloud computing is and how it can help them.

What is the cloud, anyway? In short, it’s a way to host IT services and software in an off-premise data center and access them on-demand via the Internet. How does this help you? Because these data centers are monitored around the clock by skilled network techs, it saves you the trouble of buying, hosting and managing costly IT infrastructure. The cloud also provides a level of up-time and reliability that most businesses could never achieve on their own – but these two advantages are just the start.

The Many Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing continues to attract a lot of attention and demand because it empowers organizations to reach a higher level of efficiency and productivity, while simultaneously reducing the cost and stress normally associated with new technology.

Strategy is the Foundation of Cloud Adoption

To make the most of the cloud, you’ll need to analyze your current systems, your present and future business goals, then develop a strategic approach that aligns the two using the latest cloud technology. Strategy is crucial to your cloud computing transition, as it helps you identify what can and should be migrated and prioritizes cloud services that will have the greatest business impact.

The Cloud Migration Process

Cloud Service Setup Vancouver WA

Cloud migration is the process of moving your on-premise applications to the cloud. Cloud migrations are notoriously difficult, with just 27% of businesses reporting great satisfaction with their cloud migration experience.

To help ensure a successful cloud migration, our technicians will determine which services can be securely moved to the cloud and find a cloud architecture that works for you.