IT Support for Medical Practices

Agile IT Support For Healthcare Practices and Professionals

Hospitals, community care clinics, testing labs, medical registries, and other healthcare services depend on faster, reliable technology.

Whether you’re embracing technology or trying to keep up with regulations and compliance, splitting your attention between your medical career responsibilities and cutting edge IT topics is an exhausting juggling act.

Fastech is a reliable, 24/7 managed IT services partner that can bring your healthcare tech up to speed while working through security issues that previous installers and contractors may have missed.

24/7 System and Networking Support For Your Medical Office

Crashing, slow desktops or freezing smartphones shouldn’t get between your team and helping patients. Doctors shouldn’t have to worry about their systems locking up while entering observations, and nurses shouldn’t have to struggle just to send information to their team.

Technology always has a few problems to iron out, either through testing or getting used to how a certain computer manufacturer does things. Whether you’re switching to a new vendor because of performance problems or testing a new All-in-One for the practice, you need a tech team on your side every day and every hour.

Fastech Solutions provides on-demand support for medical practices and healthcare professionals. From break/fix trouble tickets to guiding professionals through a new system, Fastech experts are there to make sure every problem has a dedicated solution.

As your professionals work bedside, in labs, and in conference rooms, Fastech can provide efficient support with easy contact information and a service agreement that makes sense.

Security, Data Protection, and HIPAA Compliance

IT support for medical practice and healthcare systems takes more than running an anti-virus. With patient data on the line and new regulations pushing healthcare tech forward, you need a tech partner that moves safely and securely.

Fastech’s team can survey and modernize your practice’s information security. HIPAA compliance is both a demand and a set of guidelines, and those guidelines make it easier to check off specific tech areas that need modernization.

Does your practice have a great new Wi-Fi system that works well, but could be hacked by any neighborhood kid with enough curiosity? Have some employees been downloading movies on duty or hogging too much bandwidth?

Both of those problems are more than just disciplinary issues or harmless fun. If someone can sneak in a movie, they can sneak in a virus payload. With Fastech’s help, you can both secure your business network and provide a separate recreational network for approved employees and guests.

HIPAA is not all common sense. Unless you already have a career or experience in information security, some parts of HIPAA cover deep computer science and scenarios that haven’t happened yet. Fastech can cover those scenarios and provide Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for handling immediate tech emergencies.

Such events cover more than just hackers or inside jobs. Hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes can cause both data loss and data exposure. While it’s best to escape a dangerous situation, anything with more than a day of advance warning can be copied, secured, or destroyed with simple instructions and help from Fastech.

Business Continuity and Emergency Data Planning For Medical Practices

While SOPs can help, there are some massive events that need a professional.

Computer viruses, hackers infiltrating the network and stealing information, ransomware, and natural disasters can all bring your healthcare tech systems to a grinding halt. Planning for each event is covered by HIPAA requirements, but going the extra mile can help you in unexpected ways.

Ransomware is the biggest topic in tech security because of how expensive and brazen the attacks can be. Ransomware works by encrypting or scrambling files, and hackers hold your data ransom by selling a key that unlocks everything.

The sad part is that while the ransom technique is fairly new, the infections are happening in the same old ways. Opening email attachments, clicking questionable links, or visiting unauthorized websites are some of the biggest causes of infection.

Atlanta is one of the most notable victims, with the major SamSam ransomware virus designed to guess easy passwords and load its malicious software. It’s a sad story of an organization with so many vulnerabilities that it grew complacent and was at the mercy of hackers that got a huge payout.

Even though the hackers were eventually caught, the costs of system failure and the lives affected were immense. It’s an expensive lesson that your medical practice could learn from, but it’s a lesson that has been repeated since the 1990’s.

What can you do about it? A consultation meeting with Fastech can help you identify multiple problem areas with multiple, modular solutions.

Although HIPAA requirements require fixes on a timeline, there are some issues that can be put on lower priority. The worst issues can be fixed by starting from scratch, with the most difficult task being paper-to-digital conversion.

Medical Practice Backups and Off-Site Support

One thing that ransomware and hurricanes have in common is that backups can protect your data from both.

A backup in a completely different geographical location will protect your data unless you send corrupted data–or if super-storms start ravaging the whole world at the same time. You may have bigger problems if the latter happens.

Modern backup procedures are about more than copying and pasting data. Information needs to be sent to a specific storage site–a drive in another location, a cloud storage site, or a secondary system at a partner hospital–that can be accessed at any time.

Since ransomware works by encrypting or scrambling files, you can get around the problem by erasing your main systems and loading your backups. As long as you have a regular backup schedule, you should only lose a few minutes, hours, or a day of data rather than all of your practice’s information.

Of course, it’s possible to save a ransomware virus onto backups. In the event that a new virus that can’t be detected by even cutting-edge experts attacks you, you can still protect yourself by having data on different timetables.

Multiple backup drives for each day, separate backup drives for daily versus weekly versus monthly, and other divided backups will help you have older backup options that haven’t been infected yet.

In the event of a natural disaster that destroys or partially damages your data, an off-site or online backup can be loaded once you rebuild. You can even send the data to a new location or a temporary office.

Many cutting-edge businesses and self-employed experts work entirely from cloud services and/or storage. While anything is capable of being corrupted, remote backups can help you develop new ways of being productive while protecting your data at the same time.

Why Choose Fastech Solutions For Your Medical IT Needs?

No matter what, you shouldn’t think that you’re alone in the battle against tech problems. Fastech’s managed IT services are more than one-time repairs, we’re a full service outsourced IT provider.

The future is a partnership that delivers precision support when you need it and suggestions for later as necessary. Whether you need all or some services, or if you need new services designed for your unique challenges, a team of skilled technicians are ready to help.

Contact Fastech Solutions to discuss more ways to get the tech assistance your practice needs today.