IT Support for Law Firms

Law firms tend to know their capabilities — even when reaching beyond their weight class. However, getting the best IT support is important, and you can’t rely on dreams or goals of self-improvement when you have a real-world technical challenge holding your law firm back.

Law firms are no stranger to the regulations they face when it comes to handling sensitive client data. And it seems like not a day goes by without us hearing about another corporate cybersecurity breach.

It’s becoming more and more difficult to manage the IT needs of a modern legal practice in-house.

That’s why we offer specialized IT support services for law firms. We will manage all your IT needs, freeing you from stress, frequent updates, complex security management and internal and external security threats that IT infrastructures face everyday.

Reliable IT support has never been more critical. You focus on your clients, we’ll keep your technology running smoothly.

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The Benefits of Managed IT Support for Legal Practices

Our IT support services provide lawyers with the experts needed to manage the technical aspects of keeping your legal practice running.

We can manage phone, email, computers, servers, cloud storage, physical security, cybersecurity, and anything else you may need to run your practice.

With IT support for law firms from Fastech Solutions, you can rest easy knowing your IT is in expert hands

Keep Your Hours Billable

Face the facts — you’re attorneys and not IT experts. Even if you have a talented office manager who can troubleshoot technical problems, it takes time away from other tasks that are better handled by skilled IT professionals. Keep your hours billable and leave the IT to us

Regulatory Compliance

Nobody understands the risks of noncompliance better than an experienced attorney. Law firms need to keep information confidential, and government regulations cover what kinds of client contact must be protected. There are also HIPAA and GLBA regulations that evolve regularly. IT support helps keep you compliance.

Cost Effective IT Solution

Law firms might consider handling IT with in-house staff, but that approach is almost always more expensive. Paying the annual salary and benefits of just one IT professional will cost more than $75,000 a year, and one person is limited in their scope of knowledge and capabilities. Not us.

Disaster Recovery

Our experienced teams provide IT services for law firms, and these include disaster planning, business continuity, and lost data recovery. Digital disasters might result from hacking, natural disasters, equipment malfunctions, employee error, office break-ins and other much more. Our data backup service will ensure business continuity after a crash or disaster scenario.

Secure Cloud File Storage

Collaboration is key for law firms and you need a safe and efficient matter to ensure everyone has access to the files they need while maintaining the highest levels of security. Our cloud services will keep your documents safe and accessible only to those who need, anywhere they need.

24/7 IT Help Desk

In the fast paced legal world, information needs to travel clear, fast, and reliably. And when it doesn’t, you need IT support fast. With Fastech Solutions you get access to our custom build support system, allow you to reach IT experts anytime you need. Solutions to your IT problems are only a phone call away

Server Management For Law Firms

Server management generally involves a turnkey approach because leaving a small vulnerability can prove counterproductive. You pay for the equipment, but we manage maintenance, testing, monitoring and upgrading. You get all the benefits of a full-service in-house IT team without the expense. We manage server security with professional skill. The benefits for your firm include:

  • Updates and glitches handled professionally
  • Information about the latest internet threats
  • Education on security best practices
  • Relief of digitally induced stress
  • Cloud and server management
  • Firewall management
  • Switch management
  • Application management
  • Regulatory compliance management

We manage all your IT system components and related systems affordably and effectively.

Telecommunications and VoIP For Law Firms

Your telecommunication infrastructure is critical to security. With teams of attorneys, partners, associates and staff using teleconferencing systems, VoIP and cloud applications, your antiquated system could be overwhelmed.


We can build, rewire or replace your infrastructure and function as your single point of contact. We often need to upgrade infrastructure to deal with increased data transmission, cloud applications, etc. Many law firms have no kind of contingency plans for dealing with carrier outages or system failures.


We can deal with your network technology, system infrastructure, business apps and other security-related problems of communication. For example, it might be prudent to develop a portal system for lawyer-client communications. We handle all your communications issues — from internet connections to VPN and trunking management.