IT Managed Services


IT Managed Services simply means to outsource your IT to a third party. Generally you, as the business, pay for all your computer equipment and an outside managed IT company supports and maintains it. They provide all the benefits of having IT in-house while offering a much lower cost than paying a full employee salary and benefits.

Fastech Can Manage your Business’s IT Affordably and Effectively

Whether you’re a business diving into building a computer network for the first time, or your an existing business that already has a computer network but no dedicated person to support it, Fastech can build new computer networks as well as provide full support for existing networks.

System Audit & Asset Management

No matter the size of your computer network, it is important that all equipment is accounted for and kept track of especially portable electronics such as company phones and laptops.

Fastech provides system audits and asset management to make sure everything stays where it belongs

Antivirus Management

Viruses are often caused due to updates and security patches not being installed. When you rely on each computer user to perform these updates, you’re opening your business up to computer security threats.

Let Fastech handle all your updates and security patches with their update and patch management services. To go along with keeping your network secure, they also provide antivirus management to ensure each and every computer is protected from outside threats.

Network Policy Enforcement

Having trouble with employees accessing non-work related or harmful websites?

With a dedicated IT person, it can often be hard to keep network policies enforced. The good news is Fastech can enforce your network policies and provide the internet filtering you want to make sure your employees aren’t wasting time on the internet.

Desktop & Server Support icon

Server & Desktop Support

In order to have a computer network, you need to have desktops and servers. These all have to be maintained, and Fastech can provide all the maintenance and support you need.

They can also maintain your routers and switches to keep network communications up and running.