Is It Time to Refresh My Web Design?

Once you have a website designed, you may feel like you can just set it and forget it. But that’s not really the case. Instead, you’ll want to change it and upgrade it at reasonable intervals. By doing that, you’ll make it easier to stay highly ranking in search engines. Changing your web design also helps you stay relevant for your customers or clients. Deciding what changes you should make, and when, are both very important.


Here’s what to consider before you start changing your web design


Change for the Sake of Change

If you’re planning on changing your web design just because you feel like you should, it might be time to take a step back. Making changes can add relevancy, but it can also cause problems if it’s not done right.

If you’ve made recent changes to your web design, but just want to do it again, you could be confusing customers. Planning out your changes, and only making them when they’re actually needed, is the better way to accomplish more and keep customers happy with the results. Don’t fix what isn’t broken.

How Often Should I Redesign my Website?

You should aim to update your website every two to three years. Trends come and go quickly, and could make your website look outdated if you wait too long. Not only could it look  outdated, the functionality could be compromised as well.

Constant Adjustments Can Cause Frustration

Making adjustments to your web design may feel like an ongoing process. But if you’re tweaking things every few days or weeks, it can get frustrating for customers. That’s especially true if they’re bookmarking pages, and then you’re changing the web address or removing content. Changing fonts, colors, margins, pictures, and other details could also leave customers feeling like your company doesn’t have stability. Those customers may not want to do business with you, if they feel you’re not settled.

Staying Fresh and Relevant Matters

While it’s important not to change your web design “just because,” and you don’t want to make too many changes too often, you do need to stay relevant. Customers don’t want to see a website that looks like it’s from decades ago. That doesn’t inspire confidence in your company, and could even keep potential customers from purchasing from you. Rather than take the risk of that, make sure you update your web design when needed.

The Bottom Line on Web Design Changes

Good web design is important. It provides customers a lot of information about your business, and can also make it easier for them to order from you. Changing your web design all the time, or for no real reason, isn’t going to help customers trust you. But never changing things isn’t good, either. You need to show that your customers matter to you, and that you’re staying up with current trends and needs.

When you do that, you help customers trust you and want to purchase from you, which improves your bottom line and the future of your business. Web design isn’t a guarantee of business success or failure, but it can go a long way toward encouraging or discouraging customers from interacting with your business and buying what you have to offer.


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