How Student Safety Relies On Your School’s Phone System

Perhaps no system is more crucial to student safety than a school’s communications system. Administrators, faculty, staff, students and emergency responders all need efficient means of communicating with one another during times of crisis. Specifically, they need an efficient phone system during the most critical moments.


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Calling for Help: Student Safety

Phones first and foremost allow students to literally call for help when they need it. Students are in many situations where authorities aren’t immediately nearby, and some situations where colleagues or friends aren’t either. Even when alone, however, students can reach out for help if they can place a phone call.

To this end, an increase in phones on school campuses is one of the best ways to improve student safety. This is the impetus behind the blue light phones on college campuses, and cell phones only made students feel that much safer when the phones initially became common.


Notifying Appropriate Authorities (and Everyone)

Web development concept: Chalk Pink text VOIP on School Board background with Scheme Of Hand Drawn Site Development Icons, 3d render to conceptualize school phone systemWhen anyone in a school receives a distress call, the first thing is to direct the need for help to the appropriate authorities. Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phones streamline this process, by integrating with multiple communications and response systems.

A VoIP system can immediately notify appropriate first responders, whether local or on campus, and also any other authorities (e.g. administrators). ViOP systems can also integrate with intercom systems, email systems and more, allowing for instant communication to the masses even if they aren’t on the phone tree.


Having Essential and Modern Phone System Features

Of course, VoIP phone systems have essential features such as enhanced 911 (E911), which automatically provides additional data about the location where a call is coming from. Integration with both mobile phones and landlines is seamless, and call forwarding and voicemail are standard features.

Any feature you’d want in a phone system is available through these, making VoIP a great choice not just for emergencies but also for every day.


Upgrade Your School’s Phone System

If your school doesn’t have an efficient way to notify everyone of an emergency situation, upgrade to a VoIP phone system. If you’re ready to explore your options and invest in a new phone system, Fastech Solutions can help you discover a range of VoIP phone systems that can be customized for your business’s needs.


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