What’s the Difference Between IT Support and Network Support?

man and woman who are IT technicials providing IT support and network support: what is the difference between IT support and network support?

IT Support vs. Network Support:

What’s the Difference Between IT Support and Network Support?

There are many terms in the digital world that aren’t necessarily self-intuitive. For instance, terms like IT support and network support sound similar, but they are two very different services. For the most part, successful companies outsource both IT support and network support. They recognize the value that each service brings to a company. Here’s a primer on the differences between the two. So, What exactly is the difference between IT Support and Network Support?


What is Network Support?

In today’s business world, it’s all about computing and networking. When all your equipment needs to “talk” to each other, that’s when you need a network. When networking first became necessary, everything was hooked up together with network cables. Cables were plugged into one device, then run along a baseboard into the next device, and so on.

Now, of course, networking is all done wirelessly. Often, the networking isn’t even done locally, but in the “cloud.” Which all means that networking is now more complicated to set up, but more reliable.

When your company hires network support, you are paying for the services of setting up the network, monitoring the network, making sure the network is operating as it should, and expanding the network as needed. Network support also includes troubleshooting, should anything go awry.

So what equipment is included in a network? You may be surprised to hear that even small businesses need networks these days. That’s because a network can consist of anything from a business phone system, to a security system, to computers, peripherals, routers and more. And any and/or all of these pieces of equipment may need to communicate with each other.

Benefits of Network Support

Business owners can rest easier, knowing that their business network is being undertaken and managed by an experienced network support provider. Benefits include:

  • reduced vulnerability to data breaches
  • less downtime
  • reduced operating costs
  • better employee focus and productivity
  • minimized worry and frustration


What is IT Support?

IT support is far more encompassing than network support, but the two support services do overlap a bit. However, most companies opt for both network support and IT support because it creates a valuable checks and balances that further reduces the chances of anything disagreeable happening with the company’s electronic devices and equipment.

IT support includes services such as:

While these describe the basics of IT support, there are more services that are more detailed in nature. Thanks to the following comprehensive services, IT support can help a company scale, can make a small business appear to be very large, can save money and can enable business owners to redirect their own time into bringing in new customers.

Here are just some of the managed services you can expect when you hire IT support:

  • Taking, logging and managing incoming phone calls – This service can completely eliminate the need for your business to handle phone calls in-house, if you so desire. It’s like having your own private secretary handling all your calls for you!
  • Setting up and configuring equipment – As mentioned, this is a bit of an overlap with networking support, but still necessary.
  • Setting up security accounts for existing and new employees – This work entails assigning usernames, passwords, and networking new employees into the system. It also entails removing access from employees who are no longer going to be working for you. It may also entail setting up employees’ mobile devices if they are going to be working remotely.
  • Resolving login problems – More common than you think, these kinds of problems can cause day-long delays, but with IT support services, they are little more than a hiccup.
  • Training and advising employees on security and network protocol – This service helps to ensure that everyone understands how to login and log off, as well as how to avoid cyberthreats, phishing scams, etc.
  • Making needed equipment repairs and/or replacements as necessary – When equipment fails, you won’t have to run to Best Buy and try to figure out what you need. Your IT support team will take necessary steps to get your business back up and running ASAP.
  • Troubleshooting – When a glitch occurs, your IT support team knows where to look, what to look for and how to resolve it.

As you can see, IT support and network support are lifesavers when it comes to small, medium and enterprise-level businesses. With all this support at your fingertips, there’s no need to worry about trying to do all these tasks alone!

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