VoIP & Telecommunications Services


Fastech Solutions delivers a full range of telecommunications products and services to companies nationwide.

What can data & telecom do for you?

Video Solutions

Fastech can source and install HD video conferencing systems that allow people to communicate face to face with anyone around the world without having to leave the office.

With this, companies can create a more personal connection with customers and vendors to ensure business growth and continuity.

VoIP Solutions

Many companies are beginning to realize the benefits of utilizing a VoIP phone system to handle company calling and PBX systems. There are often much more cost effective to install, use and maintain than physical phone lines, and companies can still get the same call quality that they would with traditional phone systems.

Fastech Solutions offers a variety of VoIP solutions that include SIP trunking, SIP to DID systems that give individual employees their own phone number and hosted VoIP PBX systems that allow companies to get more flexibility in their inbound call handling system. In addition, we can install fixed or dynamic T-1 lines that integrate voice and data in a way that allows for customization in usage and cost.

Data Solutions

Fastech also offers a number of different data solutions that let companies get exactly what they need in their internet and network connectivity.

From dedicated high-speed internet connections that allow companies to host their own online operations to fiber-optic cable, we can make sure that businesses receive a reliable and fast data connection that suits their needs.

In addition, we provide networking services that include setting up and maintaining ethernet local area networks and dedicated intranets that can connect multiple company branches that are located in different places.

Voice Solutions

Voice communication is critical in business, and we can provide companies with everything that they need to stay in contact with customers and business partners at all times. This includes everything from dedicated or switched long distance to standard business phone lines and remote call forwarding that allows companies to set up numbers anywhere they would like and have the calls transferred directly to their central phone system.

In addition, we offer T-1 lines with a variety of setup options that make it easy for companies to implement a physical PBX system.