Fastech Solutions manages the business phone systems and VoIP needs for 100’s of clients.

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Small Business Phone Systems At Enterprise Level Of Service

Just because you’re a small business doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be treated with urgency and priority.

When businesses don’t have reliable telecommunication infrastructure, their VoIP and teleconferencing systems don’t work properly, they’re unable to access cloud applications and data, and productivity gets threatened.

Despite the importance of reliable telecommunications, many companies have no plan to deal with phone problems when they arise. Calling your carrier and waiting on hold — that’s not an effective plan.

Fastech Solutions manages small business phone systems for clients all over the United Stated. Our telecom services provide businesses with a single partner to maintain all aspects of their business phone systems, from VoIP and multi-site networking issues to SIP trunking and VPN management.

24/7 Business Phone System Support

When your Internet connection is down, you call your telecom provider to get it fixed. If you get on the phone with support staff — and that might take a while — then you’ll likely have to prove that it’s not your own network that’s causing the problem.

How do you do that? Diagnostics, analysis, and detailed explanations.

With us it’s different. We’re a single point of contact for all your technology. Problems inside your office network? We can handle it.

Problems between your office and the Internet? We can handle that too. Our team will address all your telecommunication issues no matter what.

We Take Charge of Your Telecommunications

We can help you with every stage of your telecommunications strategy, from vetting carriers and solutions to the ongoing maintenance of your telecom infrastructure.

This assessment gives us an overall picture of where you’re most unfortified.

Reliable Telecommunications Provide Flexibility and Power

Telecommunications are central to some of your most important business functions. Fastech Solutions will proactively monitor your telecom systems and go the extra mile to ensure optimal quality of service (QoS) for all your telecommunication-related applications.

Need Expertise from a Trusted Partner?

We’re always happy to answer questions and explain in greater depth how we can help businesses make the most of their technology including telecommunications and business phone systems.

Contact us any time at 971-801-6712 or use the email form located on our contact page. We look forward to speaking with you!

Fastech Solutions provides Telecom Services, business phone systems, full IT support, and much more!


In the era of cloud computing, fast and reliable connectivity has never been more important. To make the most of your budget, we can help you integrate your telecommunications and cloud strategies into a single integrated plan, providing your business with a foundation for stronger resiliency, greater worker mobility, and the ability to innovate faster.

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