HIPAA Violations & the Consequences. What the HIPAA Privacy Rule Does

Many health care providers, as well as health plans, that are protected by the HIPAA Rule must follow the requirements, and the date when compliance was required to begin is by 04/14/2003. This rule, for the first time, makes worldwide values to safeguard patients’ medical documents and additional, private health data. HIPAA offer individuals additional […]

Why outsource your IT services to a Managed Service Provider

Running a successful business requires more than the ability to deliver a great idea or a high-quality product or service. In order to remain profitable and scalable, moving to the digital sphere is a must. Rather than hiring in-house IT specialists and employees, consider the advantages of outsourcing your IT to stay ahead of the […]

The True Cost of IT Downtime

IT systems have become integral in the daily operations of businesses and government organizations worldwide. Every now and then something will go wrong that will occasionally throw a wrench, disrupting daily operations and grinding everything to a half. Any single moment of downtime could have a detrimental effect on your business. When it comes to […]

What IT services should my business outsource?

Outsourcing some of the key functions of your IT department can provide autonomy and predictability within your business. Many organizations are faced with the problem of having to ramp up on technology staff to meet business objectives. According to various computing principles such as Brook’s Law, a common misconception in the IT world is that […]