5 Ways to Boost Website Traffic and Conversions

Your content marketing journey is all about driving traffic to your website and boosting conversions in every way possible. Although you can use an omnichannel approach to support your goals, it’s your web design that truly does the heavy lifting.

But the design can only work its magic if you have all the right elements in place from the start. Wondering how to boost the effectiveness of your web design? Here’s a look at the top five website must-haves to include when it comes time to refresh your website.


Attractive Appearance

Unless you want to send your visitors running for the hills at first glance, your web design must be wholly pleasing to the eye. The layout, color scheme, imagery, and even font choice all come together to make a great first impression – or not. And visitors make this snap judgement in just a fraction of a second, too.

So, it’s often best to go with a simple layout with:

  • F- or Z-pattern content layout
  • Complementary color scheme
  • High-definition images and videos
  • Good balance of white space
  • Easy-to-read font choices

All your style elements should align with your overall brand presence to ensure your visitors know just what to expect right off the bat.


Intuitive Navigation

Visitors to your website often have a goal in mind, like being entertained, finding solutions to their problem of the day, or simply learning more info about your brand. To accomplish their goals, they need to navigate through your site with ease. And that’s only possible with intuitive navigation buttons on every page.

For starters, your web design should have a main navigation bar up top or along the side. A well designed footer with key navigation links can come in handy as well. Beyond that, aim to provide internal links in well thought out spots throughout your content, and then add a search bar just in case your users want to jump straight to the goal.


Quality SEO Content

Quality search engine optimized (SEO) content serves as a beacon of light directing people to your website. So, it’s definitely a must if you want to direct ample traffic your way and stay ahead of your competitors.

When you think of SEO, keywords likely come to mind, and for good reason. To rank well, your content must match the search intent for the keyword in question and do it better than other high-ranking pages.

For that reason, the days of keyword stuffing are officially over. Instead, you need to select a target keyword for each page on your site, and then use semantically-related keywords to support the content.

On top of that, you need to publish quality content regularly and promote it on social media. Then, you can watch in awe as your domain authority rises with your backlink totals, helping you win higher search engine results page rankings across the board.


Strong Calls to Action

As your website visitors browse your web pages, they’re often looking for the next steps – and that’s where strong calls to action (CTAs) come into play. A great call to action inspires your visitors to move ever closer to completing the sale, signing up for an account, or whatever else you’d like them to do.

So, you cannot afford to just hint at the next steps. You need to put the CTAs on the page loud and clear to inspire your visitors to move onto the next stage in their journey. Aim to sprinkle them throughout all your content, too, including at the end of all your blog posts.


Excellent Performance

The quality of your content and its assigned keywords are not all that Google looks at when ranking your pages. In fact, performance comes into play more than you might expect. Your website cannot drive traffic your way or promote conversions if it’s laggy, unresponsive, and generally a pain to visit, after all.

Your page load speeds, for example, have a huge impact on your ranking numbers. Plus, the speed of your website influences how visitors act when they come to your page. If your website doesn’t load fast enough, visitors will take a hike long before your content has a chance to work its magic.

Your website must also have a responsive design that works great on all devices. More people than ever are browsing the web on their phones. So, your website must provide a great user experience on those devices to rank high enough to matter.


Where to Turn When Your Website Needs a Refresh

With the right web design must-haves on your side, you’re bound to see great results from your content marketing efforts. Your website will use all the above elements to do the hard work when it comes to boosting traffic and conversions.

To ensure you use all the best practices in the web design world, it’s best to have a professional redesign your website. And that’s where our team at Fastech Solutions can help. We’re happy to redesign your website to best support your customers – and ensure you can achieve all your marketing goals.



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