5 Facebook Posting Tips For Business To Increase Your ROI

Facebook reach can be paid or earned. Organic reach – the kind you don’t have to pay for – is increasingly limited for brands.  Facebook has tweaked its algorithm so if you want your business to be seen, you have to boost your posts i.e. pay for them. It can be as little as a dollar, and will appear with a tag indicating it’s a sponsored post. This can sometimes put off your consumers, so the trick is to make it helpful and entertaining. That way, even if they know it’s an ‘ad’ they’ll still view it and engage with it. The best ads don’t look like ads at all.

Another facet of Facebook posting tips for business covers the type of response you want. The algorithm will ensure you get lots of likes. They’ll also give you lots of pretty charts and graphs showing how many people viewed your posts. That will make you feel the money you spent was worth it. Except views and likes don’t translate into sales. You want fans, friends, and followers to comment on your posts, and to ask questions. It’s this kind of active engagement that brings buyers. So how can you craft your posts to elicit this ideal response?

  1. Build your brand persona

As we’ve said, the best ads don’t look, sound, or feel salesy. Create a voice for your brand, then design your posts using that voice. This makes it sound more like an actual person posting instead of a brand machine. The personable character invites engagement. So, are you a wise, witty aunt? A smart professorial sage? A cheeky younger sibling? An attractive guy/girl next door? Let that guide your posts, and remember to keep it social.

  1. Keep your content relevant

For example, an ‘aunty’ brand may post thanksgiving recipes while pushing their favourite brand of cranberry sauce. A prof might talk about the history of turkeys. The cheeky sibling might post turkey chasing videos, while the hot person next door may invite you for cocktails and offer egg-nog recipes. And all four personas are subtly pushing holiday merchandise.

  1. Boost popular content

Some frequently forgotten Facebook posting tips for business involve context. We’ve already said your ads don’t have to be ‘addy’. But they don’t even have to be ads! The beauty of Facebook is it gives you easy metrics. So when you notice a particular post is doing well, even if it’s a picture of your cat, boost it. It’s not hard-selling anything, but it pulls traffic to your page. Prospects may explore other more salesy posts and end up buying.

  1. Mix it up

Another error many brands make is to cast the net too wide. They try to craft posts that reach every demographic. It’s unnecessary, and impractical. Facebook gives you incredibly detailed targeting tools. So segment your prospects into as many categories as you like. They could be ten groups, or even fifty. Ideally, you should be posting several times a week, so you have scope to do a separate posts for each segment, then target them accordingly. Use A/B testing to see what gets you the best results, then follow that line of content creation.

  1. Be specific

Facebook is designed to keep you on the platform, so it doesn’t exactly promote external links. It won’t stop you from adding them though, so the most important Facebook posting tips for business involve redirection. What do you want people who see the ad to do? Buy? Share? Comment? Decide, then include it in the call-to-action. Also, craft a landing page for that specific purpose, then include it in your post. They can’t do what you want if they don’t know what you want.

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